About us

JasperFriend in having understood the depth of the marketing sector and in having done a good deal of research, have formulated an equation to enable maximum income to the members of Jasper family. In future you can expect JasperFriend to create an explosion in the field of marketing. You are ensured the return for your participation and investment and part of the profit earned by the company is shared with the members of our family in suitable proportion.

How To Associate

The first step is registration online through the company's website. The second step is to take a print out of the registration application. The third step is to send printout of the application in step 2 along with the amount for the product you choose in the form of D.D drawn in favour of JasperFriend, payable at Thiruvananthapuram by Registered post, courier or by hand. On receipt of your application and D.D in our company your site will be activated and you will be a member and a sponsor. You will become our family club member and you can get all the benefits from JasperFriend.

Our Business Opportunity has the following Advantages:

   1. No investment
   2. No huge time commitment
   3. No Risk, No monthly Targets
   4. Anyone can do this business
   5. No office or employees needed
   6. No academic qualification or skill needed

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